The U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development

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Statement from Business Sector Team

The following statement was written by the business participants in Business Sector Team calls of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development. From large international corporations to small businesses, all the participants agreed with the following:

To meet the immense challenges of the present and the future, it is important that all undergraduate and graduate college students learn about our environmental and social sustainability challenges and be provided with learning opportunities that engage them in solutions to these challenges. We live in a unique time, where the decisions of this generation may very well dictate the health of the planet for this and future generations. The impacts of these decisions will affect the quality of life across the globe. All students need to learn, through an interdisciplinary approach, not only the specifics of our sustainability challenges and the possible solutions, but also the interpersonal skills, the systems thinking skills, and the change agent skills to effectively help to create a more sustainable future. We are looking for these sustainability educated students as future business people, as employees, as consumers, innovators, government leaders and investors. We would like to see this be a requirement for all students.

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B Corporations

Certified B Corporations are companies that seek both community prosperity and corporate success. B Lab provides a certification ( B Impact Assessment) process that covers environmental, social, governance, and financial performance. More than 1,400 firms now part of the community of B-corps.

Business Forward

Business Forward shares knowledge and possible actions derived from a business minded look at the issues

We Mean Business

We Mean Business is a coalition of hundreds of national and international companies that are committed to taking bold action on climate change. These organizations are committed to sustainability in their own business and society as a whole.

Blended Finance Toolkit

Redesigning Development Finance Initiative (RDFI) is designed to provide an overview of the Blended Finance ecosystem and its benefits, while offering solutions for adopting this approach to finance and investment in emerging and frontier markets. The site offers a toolkit and other resources.

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies - BALLE

BALLE helps develop local business ownership and community committed businesses with the goal of making the economy work for everyone.  

Economy for the Common Good

Economy for the Common Good (ECG) is a movement to help initiate and inspire far-reaching change. In a democratic and participatory process, the ECG works towards an economic system which places the Common Good of people and the environment at the center of all economic activity. Includes a Common Good Balance Sheet that can be used by any company. Initiated by Austrian economist Christian Felber.

- Natural Capitalism - Lovins, Lovins, & Hawken (available online)

- The Ecology of Commerce - Hawken

- Green to Gold - Esty & Winston

- Walking the Talk - Holliday, Schmidheiny, Watts

- How to Change the World - Bornstein

- The Triple Bottom Line - Savitz & Weber

- The Sustainable Company - Laszlo

Many titles from Greenleaf Publishing