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2018 Midterm Non-partisan Candidate Guides

Understand your choices and where candidates stand.

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The above materials are from the Campus Election Engagement Project

Other Ways to Get Involved
Your participation and commitment are essential to the success of sustainable development in the United States and globally. Please link your efforts to the Partnership and participate in our Calls to Action. Use the information resources available through each of our sector teams (see list on the left).


We encourage people to get involved in U.S. Partnership Action and Sector Teams (see links on the left), which are active in several areas (such as outreach, marketing, international issues, youth, etc.).


The U.S. Partnership is also looking for students to work in the following capacities: 

Web Design Intern:

The Climate Fixes (developed by the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development and the Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium)

Initiative aims to engage students, educators and the public in climate and energy solutions to reduce the worst impacts of climate change and increase the use of renewable energies. Google gave a grant to engage the public in these solutions by using  Google Adwords, and we are currently in the process of improving our campaign, website content and performance so that our materials show up regularly in Google searches. We are looking for someone to help develop our landing pages- solving some key issues that our partner at Google Headquarters in Ann Arbor have identified.

This would be a great opportunity for a communications student specializing in web media, a computer science student who has an interest in web design and outreach, or someone with web design experience outside of their academic specializations, who is passionate about environmental and climate issues, energy policy and promoting positive change in these areas.


U.S. Partnership Intern:

The U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development is involved with several partner organizations locally, nationally, and internationally, offering many opportunities for interested students! We listen to your skill set and interests and give you a set of choices for involvement. The US Partnership is working on solutions for climate change and other projects with the  Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium. We are looking for interns or students looking for a thesis or course project to assist in any of the following ways, working out of the president's office:

  • Get involved with the Climate Fixes Initiative to engage students, educators and the public in climate and energy solutions. Work with us and our partner at Google Headquarters in Ann Arbor on content promotion for Climate Fixes. (can be done remotely)
  • Engage in outreach to colleges and universities with Sustainability programs: offering our content, materials & help in building a successful educational foundation for a clean energy and more sustainable future.
  • Help promote and organize social & public education programs, such as Living Room Conversations, that help stimulate civil discourse between people of different political and social backgrounds.
  • Provide content updates for The SEED Center, helping to update, verify, and maintain information on clean energy technologies, policies, and opportunities, which can then be used by educators and employers.
  • And more- this is just a partial list.

Contact us for more information.


For those who wish to assume a leadership or supporting role on one or more of the USP teams, please note the following criteria:

  • participation in periodic conference calls
  • taking a 'team player', participatory approach to all communications and collaboration
  • willingness to spend a minimum of one to two hours per week working on team tasks for, in most cases, a minimum of one year (those in leadership positions can expect to give slightly more in time)
  • willingness to do outreach (relevant to all action team members and to those in leadership positions on sectoral or regional teams)
  • strong knowledge of the subject (especially relevant to action and sector team members)

To apply to join a team:
Please send [a] a short bio (no more than half a page) and [b] a statement of interest (no more than half a page) to a team leader (see links to email addresses on team pages).