Contact: Douglas Cohen  

           Chair, Resource Council - NATIONAL YOUTH INITIATIVES


Vision:The vision of the Youth Action Team (YAT) of the U.S. Partnership is a generation of American youth who have the support, capacity, and vision to lead sweeping societal shifts toward a healthy, just, and sustainable future.

Mission: The mission of the Youth Action Team (YAT) of the U.S. Partnership is to optimize the engagement, participation, and leadership of youth (15-30 years old) in the activities of the U.S. Partnership, Partnership organizations, and the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.


Overarching Goals:

Goal #1 - Encourage and facilitate the effective and meaningful participation of youth-led and youth development organizations, their representatives and individual youth in the USPESD

Goal #2 – Encourage and enable young members of the U.S. Partnership to take on leadership roles in the USP

Goal #3 - Increase exposure, impact, and capacity of individual and organizational members of the Youth Action Team

Goal #4 – Focus the collective capacities of the Youth Action Team and the overall U.S. Partnership on innovative projects, campaigns, and enterprises that involve multiple partners and show potential for substantial achievement of UN Decade of ESD and U.S. Partnership goals

Goal #5 – Evaluate and celebrate the impact of Youth Action Team goals and activities and the role of the YAT in the achievement of U.S. Partnership and UN Decade goals.


Imagine Your World 20 Years From Now

What do you dream of for you, your family and your community? What would life look like if you could design it?

We all have dreams and aspirations and ideas to make the world better. We believe there is enormous power in the sharing of those ideas. The Future We Want is a global conversation to build the future through a positive vision for tomorrow. Click the link above to join in the conversation.




Energy Action Coalition - Organizers of the Power Shift Conferences and actions.


 Inspired Futures Campaign

InterGenerational Partnerships for Livable        Futures


To create a generation of Sustainability Literate and Systemic-Change Literate Leaders who will revitalize communities and regenerate America by building thriving, green and socially just 'Local Living Economies'.


 Leaders of the Next Generation - Leadership Development Pathways & regional 'Communities of Practice'

Youth Voice & Youth Insight Speakers Bureau - Delegations of Youth Leaders to regional, national and global conferences and symposia

Green Jobs Workforce Development Programs: Urban green entrepreneurship; Community Based Green Economic Development

InterGenerational Mentoring

Cross-Sector Partnerships uniting K-12, Higher Ed, Business, Non-Profit/NGO, Philanthropy, Faith, Municipal, State & Federal Governments, Arts and Culture domains.

 NextGEN -NextGEN is the young peoples program of GEN (Global Ecovillage Network). GEN actively invites the voices of youth and young adults into the ecovillage movement to support the emergence of the new thinking currently within the younger generation.

GEN connects young adults to a host of inspiring organisations that support youth and young adults to take action.

CONTACT - Douglas Cohen - 646.510.0901