Information and Communication Technology 
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Contact: Debra Rowe, at DGROWE@oaklandcc.edu.

Objective: Responsible for providing the technical support that allows the action teams to operate and the partners to succeed.

Key Tasks:
- Develop, identify, and use broadly accessible information and communication technology and engagement tools to link people, organizations and information
- Develop and post an interactive database of materials and linkages including: annotated partner list, programs, events, contacts, indicators, resources (including curriculum materials), grant and collaboration opportunities, funding information, success stories, best practices, international activities, and advocacy issues
- Be responsible for the design and maintenance of the Partnership intranet and provide support and maintenance for external web page

ICT Resources for Partners:

CharityAdvantage - As part of a three year program, CharityAdvantage aims to bring 5,000 nonprofits online with professional web sites, donation online solutions and Internet promotion. Tech consulting will be provided throughout the process. Business software will be provided to make office applications easier and more productive. Organizations will maintain their web sites and use the tech consulting to maximize the benefits of their web sites. http://www.charityadvantage.com/  

TechSoup Stock - Bringing Technology Donations to Nonprofits - http://www.techsoup.org/stock/default.asp