Dialogue Fixes

In today’s world, many are frustrated with the difficulty of connecting with people of differing perspectives. Not understanding each other has led to damaged relationships , increased polarization and political gridlock.  Here are resources to help you build bridges of understanding to create solutions.

Use good ground rules for better conversations. Build better relationships through structured conversations. Reduce difficulties with family by using ideas in the holidays guide.  All of these are from Living Room Conversations providing ways that anyone with an open mind can engage with their friends, family and new acquaintances in a friendly yet meaningful conversation about topics we care about. These conversations increase understanding, reveal common ground and allow us to discuss possible solutions. No fancy event or skilled facilitator is needed. We recommend everyone use these healthy ground rules for civil discourse.

The Listen First Project believes when people genuinely listen in open and honest conversationespecially with someone of different viewsour relationships, communities and culture are transformed in positive ways.

If you’re looking for many more resources on dialogue, deliberation and public engagement, visit the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation’s Resource Center.

Please share with us your feedback on your use of the materials and how to improve them.